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Sunday, July 20, 2014

MMS: Now Trying to Scam the Irish

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By Matt Carey
July 15, 2014

MMS. Miracle Mineral Solution. Magical Mineral Solution. CD. Chlorine Dioxide Protocol. It has many names. And it’s a scam. Hiding behind a “church”. And now the Irish get to battle this.
Magic Mineral Solution isn’t magic and it isn’t a mineral solution. It’s a bleach. And among the various scams is the idea that if you force your autistic kid to drink this bleach or take it as an enema, you can cure your child’s autism.

The Irish Examiner has a story: ‘Miracle Solution Can Cure Autism’. It’s about how the proprietor of the “church” that is pushing MMS told an Irish mother that it is a “fact” that MMS can cure autism….and asking for a hefty donation.

"When Ms. O'Leary asked if MMS “could really cure autism”, she alleges Mr. Christopher replied it was not a possibility but a fact — a claim also made about numerous conditions on the Genesis II Church website.

Ms O Leary was then sent an email, giving directions to the seminar, and asking her for a €295 donation."

And also:

"In 2012, after three hospital admissions and other incidents linked to MMS, Dr. Naren Gunja of New South Wales’ Poisons Information Centre in Australia told the Sydney Morning Herald: “It’s a bit like drinking concentrated bleach. They’ve had corrosive injuries: vomiting, stomach pains, diarrhoea.

“If you drink enough sodium chlorite it causes kidney problems, it could cause death.”

By the way, if someone tells you that MMS isn’t a bleach, yeah, it’s a bleach. Calling it “CD” doesn’t change that.

And if they say it’s safe, they are wrong. If they say it cures autism, run. Here’s a bit from a recent FDA warning:

  • Miracle Mineral Solution. Also known as Miracle Mineral Supplement and MMS, this product becomes a potent chemical that‘s used as bleach when mixed according to package directions. FDA has received reports of consumers who say they experienced nausea, severe vomiting and life-threatening low blood pressure after drinking the MMS and citrus juice mixture.

Irish Central has: Irish Warned of Poisonous ‘Miracle Cure’ Being Peddled by US Church (VIDEO). I feel both sad that we in the U.S. didn’t stop this nonsense before it was exported to Ireland…and jealous that the Irish and their newspapers are quick to spread the word about MMS.

So, back at the Irish Examiner: Drugs Watchdog Investigating ‘Miracle’ Cure.

"Ireland’s drugs watchdog is investigating at least two people based in this country who are believed to be selling or administering a “miracle” cure for serious conditions, which is in reality a potent bleach."

The Irish Independent: Irish Patients Warned ‘Miracle Cure’ from US Church is Bleach. And the Southern Star has Warning about Genesis II Church.

MMS got its foothold in the autism community through the AutismOne conferences. Here in the U.S., gatherings like AutismOne sell all manner of faux therapies for autism. AutismOne will take just about anyone’s money to present a cure, especially if it is sold as healing “vaccine injury”.

So, with apologies to Ireland. We know this is a scam, but we can’t stop it here. I wish you better luck. Be grateful that your press has jumped to inform you.

Our press is still trying to figure out if keeping disabled children from being forced to drink bleach is a worthwhile story.

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