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Friday, July 3, 2015

Advocacy Bootcamp for Primary Caregivers Starts September 19th: Learn to Make Your Children's World Larger and Their Future Brighter

Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change 

July 1, 2015


Advocacy Bootcamp is a new opportunity to join other primary caregivers raising young children (birth to age 10) with developmental disabilities, chronic illnesses, and/or complex medical needs for an exciting training where you'll learn how to utilize your strengths to make your child's world bigger and his or her future brighter.

This program is FREE and some respite funds are available.

Developed on the idea that effective advocacy begins with empowered and confident primary caregivers, this training will focus on building foundational advocacy skills, helping participants to identify and utilize their strengths in their advocacy for their child and family.

Applications from primary caregivers of young children (birth to 10 years) who have developmental disabilities, chronic illnesses, and/or complex medical needs are welcomed.

Advocacy Bootcamp is organized into six separate four hour sessions and a subsequent six month mentorship that includes a monthly one hour phone session. The six sessions will focus on:

Session 1: Getting to Know You

Participants will meet each other and begin to develop trust within the group.

Session 2: Critical Thinking: Trust but Verify

Participants will critically assess their support systems and empower them to take charge of their child’s treatment, education, and the remaining components of their lives.

Session 3: Building a Competent and Supportive Team for Your Child

Participants will examine the components of building a competent and supportive care team for their children.

Session 4: Expanding & Redefining the Expectations We Have For Ourselves & Our Communities

Participants will apply the critical thinking skills discussed in previous sessions and the strengths identified in previous sessions to expand and redefine their own expectations of themselves and their respective communities.

Session 5: Developing a Vision for Your Child and Family

Participants will develop a vision for their child and family.

Session 6: Tapping into Our Communities to Support Our Visions

Participants will review community-based, region-based, and state-wide resources and conclude the series feeling empowered and capable of transforming their Vision into reality.

Participants will be expected to commit to all six (6) sessions and participate in the subsequent six month-long mentorship. It is very important that participants attend all sessions!

Upon completion of this training, it is our hope that graduates of Advocacy Bootcamp will continue to advocate for and empower their children to lead rich, meaningful, and exciting lives in their community.

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