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Monday, March 28, 2016

Handcuffing a Third Grader? Interactions between School Resource Officers & Students with Disabilities

From the Education Law Prof Blog

By LaJuana Davis
March 22, 2016

Elizabeth Shaver has posted Handcuffing a Third Grader? Interactions Between School Resource Officers and Students with Disabilities (March 18, 2016), Utah Law Review, 2017 on ssrn. From the abstract:

"After an eight-year old boy with disabilities refused to sit down, a School Resource Officer (SRO) handcuffed the boy's elbows behind his back, restraining the child for fifteen minutes. A video of the incident made national headlines.

Thereafter, the boy, along with another child with disabilities who had experienced similar treatment, filed suit. Cases like this highlight the complex issues that arise when a student with disabilities engages in undesired behavior at school, and that behavior leads to the intervention of an SRO. This article examines those issues and offers recommendations.

It begins by providing a background about SROs, focusing on their training and responsibilities. Next, the article reviews the provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) that pertain to the use of behavioral interventions to address undesired behavior of students with disabilities. The article then provides a legal analysis of lawsuits brought by students against SROs.

These cases reveal the need for a comprehensive training program for SROs, clear delineation of the scope of - and limitations on - the SRO's duties, and strict adherence by both school personnel and the SRO to their respective roles.

Therefore, the article offers recommendations that involve a variety of stakeholders, including school administrators, teachers, SROs, and parents of students with disabilities."

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