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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Study: Charter Schools Suspend Children with Disabilities at an Alarming Rate

From Jim Gerl's Special Education Law Blog

By Jim Gerl, Esq.
March 17, 2016

A study released yesterday by the Civil Rights Project reveals that charter schools are suspending blacks students and children with disabilities at a disproportionate rate. As many of our readers are aware, IDEA (including its discipline provisions) fully applies to all public charter schools.

Read the entire 34-page study here.

The study finds that lower suspending charter schools are more numerous than high suspending charter schools. Some of the conclusions of the report, however, are quite alarming.

For example of interest to our readers, the study finds that of more than 5,250 charter schools,
  • 1,093 charter schools suspended students with disabilities at a rate that was 10 or more percentage points higher than for students without disabilities.
  • Perhaps the most alarming finding is that 235 charter schools suspended more than 50% of their enrolled students with disabilities.

If you have an interest in charter schools and children with disabilities, you should review this study. A summary is available here.

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