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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Educating America on School Funding Inequality

From the Education Law Prof Blog

By Derek Black
April 18, 2016

NPR is embarking on a three week tour of school funding. The stories will range from social science and policy to first person accounts from schools across the country. This morning was just a primer of the days to come:

Over the next three weeks, the NPR Ed Team will unveil a vast collection of "School Money" stories told in collaboration with station reporters across the country. Our goal: To give voice to this school-funding imbalance and to explain what happens when many of America's poorest students also attend its poorest schools.

Here's one cause for alarm: The achievement gap between this nation's wealthiest and poorest students is growing dramatically, not shrinking.

We'll begin each week with a question to guide our coverage. For this, our first week:

"How do we pay for our schools?"

NPR's has also created a website with loads of data and interactive tools to give the average person a sense of how schools are funding nationally and locally. See HERE.