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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Free Talk Thursday, September 22nd: "Let's Make Sense of the Neuropsychological Evaluation"


August 3, 2016

What will we learn as a result of neuropsychological evaluation? What will this very specialized testing tell us about our child?

The presentation will cover:
  • Why should our child get tested?
  • What kind of information will we get about our child’s cognitive functioning?
  • How can neuropsychological evaluation results be used to obtain and inform special education services?
  • How to understand and interpret the test results.
  • How will this evaluation help to determine if my child has made progress?


Pediatric and Young Adult Neuropsychologist
Combining her experience and training in both pediatric neuropsychology and educational advocacy, Dr. Reva Tankle has particular expertise in working with families who are navigating the IEP process.

Having participated in numerous team meetings over the years, Dr. Tankle is especially knowledgeable about the many ways that schools can support and accommodate students with special learning needs, information that she clearly communicates in her evaluation reports and in team meetings, if needed.

She also has a great deal of experience in articulating the reasons that a student may need a program outside of the public school. 

Dr. Tankle evaluates students with ADHD, learning disabilities, high functioning autism spectrum disorders, and neurological conditions, as well as children with complex profiles that are not easily captured by a single diagnostic category.

In 2004, Dr. Tankle trained at the Federation for Children with Special Needs (FCSN) as a Parent Consultant and Special Needs Advocate. She currently teaches at the FCSN Parent Consultant course on the use of neuropsychological evaluations in the IEP process.

Dr. Tankle joined the NESCA staff in 2013. NESCA staff and clients are tremendously fortunate to benefit from the unique combination of her skills in advocacy and neuropsychological evaluation.

Free of Charge!

7:00 - 8:30 pm Thursday, Sept 22, 2016

Location: NESCA, 55 Chapel Street, 1st Floor, Newton, MA

subject line: "The Neuropsychological Evaluation"

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