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Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Road(s) to Equity

From The Christian Science Monitor's Blog

August 2, 2017

The NAACP released its Task Force on Quality Education report last week, the upshot of hearings the civil rights organization held around the country after it called for a moratorium on charter schools. 

It’s full of recommendations to reform the charter sector – and calls for an end to any for-profit involvement.

Read the entire report HERE (PDF; 40 pages).

The report has been predictably cheered by some, jeered by others – particularly those who have seen charter schools serving students of color well, and who worry that some of the group’s recommendations would strip charters of the autonomy that advocates say is key to their success.

So the school-choice tug of war continues.

Should government entities concentrate more on shoring up broad public school systems, or do more to empower parents with a range of school choices? Do those approaches have to be mutually exclusive?

At the heart of the debate lies a unifying goal: educational equity. People disagree vehemently about how best to get there, but the vast majority share the view that it’s worth our best efforts.

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